MDAHU has chosen Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR) as our charity for 2015-2016.  We understand there is very little extra time for any of us to spend physically volunteering at the present time so we have setup a FBR / MDAHU virtual food drive donation website (click on logo above).  96 cents of every dollar donated goes towards food & $1 = 4 meals!  Please help support those who are less fortunate than us.

Please take time to congratulate Paul Berteau as Food Bank of the Rockies 2015 Betty Van Hook Award Winner.  He has been helping FBR since October, 1997.  Thanks for all your dedication, Paul. 

Paul Berteau FBR Award

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MDAHU Qualifies for 2016 Gold Seal Certification

MDAHU was recognized for this award as part of NAHU’s Chapter Certification Program, which is an ongoing program that recognizes excelling chapters throughout the calendar year.  Recognition is based on criteria satisfaction in various areas.  GREAT JOB MDAHU!

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The Colorado Association of Health Underwriters (CSAHU) is Colorado's largest professional association of brokers, agents and producers of health care insurance.  We work hard to ensure all Americans have access to insurance professionals and advocate on behalf of our broker members and insured clients.  Our mission has led us to join a coalition campaign to defeat Amendment 69 coined "ColoradoCare" by proponents.

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 Why we've joined the fight against Amendment 69:

*Amendment 69 is a $25 billion tax increase - essentially doubling the total state budget of Colorado - paid for by a new 6.67% employer payroll tax, 3.33% worker tax, and a 10% tax on non-payroll income.

*If Amendment 69 were to pass, Colorado would immediately have the highest taxes in the entire country.

*Amendment 69 hits business owners and sole proprietors disproportionally by having them pay both sides of the tax - 10% in new employment taxes PLUS an additional 10% tax on all non-payroll income.

*Amendment 69 is a Constitutional amendment designed to be incredibly difficult to amend and repeal which is a risky gamble for an experimental health care system.

*Colorado has made great strides in economic recovery since the downturn.  Amendment 69's onerous payroll tax increases will stifle small businesses struggling to get by and dissuade larger corporations required to navigate a healthcare system which will be unique to only Colorado.  ColoradoCare may force companies to choose not to locate in Colorado or may even move out of Colorado impacting jobs.

*Although this initiative would have the budget capacity of an entire state, the decisions related to its operations and policies would be subject to the discretion of a mere 21-person board with no accountability to the Governor or Legislature.

*Amendment 69 would be outside TABOR limitations allowing it to grow, unchecked especially if the original cost forecasts are under-estimated.

*There have been no guarantees regarding levels or scope of coverage under this initiative.  The details would be decided by 21 trustees with no provisions related to provider or consumer input.


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